bumbu tradisional khas MAKSSAR;bumbu sop konro,coto makassar,pallubasa,toppa lada,kari.

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Rapet Wangi is made from Indonesian special local herbal plants. The extract contained in Rapet Wangi is believed to control the humidity in the woman intimate area. It helps reducing the bad microorganisms growth inside woman vital area which caused leucorrhea and unpleasant vaginal odors. It makes woman more confident by eliminating...

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Selera Kita Arabica Coffee...

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Product        : Arabica Powder/whole roasted   Packaging        : Composie can  250 gram Unit         : carton  , 12 Can Price           : USD 90 per carton ...

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PT. Cahaya Mas Global Kopi is a company that sells original Indonesian civet coffee in various Civet coffee product and serve orders over Indonesia and overseas. The coffee produced by PT. Cahaya Mas Global Kopi which is coffee from the Gayo (Aceh) and also from Mandheling, North Sumatra. Vision & Mission:

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Vascali Soap contains whitening extract plus Vitamin E to keep your skin healthy and also enriched with natural fragrance that will refresh your mind. Packed in :  - 80 gr Pillow Pack, 96pcs/carton - 90gr Pillow Pack, 96pcs/carton  

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