Manager desk with slim leg design, create simple impression, completed by elegant plat modesty. Features: Low Cabinet, ME Box

Available: 5000 units per month in stock

Available: 4700 MT /Year in stock

- Stamped (wax) Batik - 100% cotton - Price $ 28 - 50 depand on color & model - Motif : flower, etnic, classic batik - Original from Pekalongan City, Middle if Java

Available: 10000 in stock

Available: 1000-3000/day in stock

Stylish designed Director Desk, with Elegant looks.  Suitable for any kind of office.  Top Table: Particle Board / MDF / Plywood Laminate : HPL / MFC  

Available: 5000 in stock

These are only the pictures of some of our production tees. We can design and produce the tees based on the buyers' requests.

Available: 45.000 - 50.000pcs/month in stock

Sambal Lalapan Banjar “H.Udin” yang dibuat dan ditawarkan memiliki manfaat positif bagi konsumen karena proses pengolahan dan pengawetannya diolah dan di kemas berdasarkan tuntunan Agama yang tidak bertentangan dengan Pemerintah melalui Balai POM. Rasa dan Pedasnya pas dilidah

Available: 1800 s/d 2000 botol Perbulan in stock

There are the product number of each color:   - BR19034-01 : Azurite   - BR19034-02 : Fire Opal   - BR19034-03 : Chrysoberyl   - BR190341-04 : ...

Available: 1000 pcs/ month in stock

Vascali Soap contains whitening extract plus Vitamin E to keep your skin healthy and also enriched with natural fragrance that will refresh your mind.
Packed in : 
- 80 gr Pillow Pack, 96pcs/carton
- 90gr Pillow Pack, 96pcs/carton    

Available: 200 containers per month in stock