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THERE ARE TWO CATAGORY OF BATIK AT Kediri Town, East Java, Indonesia concerning the process of producing.  The First is called BATIK TENUN IKAT from Central area Of Bandar District Of handmade home Industry. The standard size of one piece of BATIK TENUN IKAT khas Kediri is 90 cm x 250 cm. This is as a raw material for Dressing or Clothing. Batik Tenun Ikat ,  If It is called " Sarong " which is convenience to wear it, because it is cool , it is made of  yarn of semi silk or full of silk and the standard size of Sarong of my home handmade home Industry is 120 cm x 120 cm.

The second one is called BATIK TULIS from various Area Central Business of Batik Tulis special handmade by Kediri Ciitizen. The standard of size as a raw material of dressing or clothing is 100 cm x 210 cm . Do not hesitate to contact me through email : or whatsapp 62-8123401562 or visit our website to acheive sales contract. Buying more  than 500 USD can be payed by at Sight Irrevocable LC.

About the motif or Design products of the two catagory of Batik can be ordered as what you like or as what you need, as for example the basical design of products or motif is " TULIP FLOWER " for my beloved Europe Customers or the motif is " SAKURA FLOWER" basical motif, IF  it is for our beloved Customers of Japan etc. It is our pleasure to be able to find what you like about the design of Batik.

Color UNGU_kemerahan
Size 100 cm x 210 cm
Raw Material Yarn or Semi Silk, Silk and Not polyester
Capacity (Month) 12