Anti-slip Travel Prayer Mat


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This Travel prayer rug has an anti-slip feature at the bottom of the prayer rug, so as to maintain comfort during worship so that when used it doesn't slide or run away easily. In addition, this travel mat is waterproof and easy to clean. Consists of many variants of motifs, namely Abeera, Abaqri, Aydan, Faaz, Faeza, Faten, Gaafi, Maleek, Maryam, Nasha, Rania, and Ruqayya. For the prayer mat pouch it is fused (stitched) with the prayer mat

Material: Milky Taslan

Prayer rug: 45 cm x 90 cm

Pouch : 11cm x 19cm

Color -
Size Sajadah: 45 cm x 90 cm Pouch : 11 cm x 19 cm
Raw Material My Tesla
Capacity (Month) 2000 Dozen