Organic Fertilizer


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We are a leading trading company which is mainly concerned in Procurement of Organic Fertilizer. Our fertilizer can improve soil structure and nutrients, increasing the shelf life and absorption of water to enrich micronutrients that can be used for chemical fertilizers contributing to nutrients being more effective and efficient.


Form                            : Granule

* organic C content    : minimum 15%

*C/N Ratio                  : <25,

*pH                             : 4-9

*moisture                    :8-25%

*CompoN+P2O5+K2O ±5%.

Packing                       : 25kg, 40kg, or Jumbo bag

The superiority of our fertilizer

1. High C-Organic Levels

2. Easy to apply

3. Safe and environment-friendly

4. Free of Pathogenic Microbes

5. Grain/weed-free

The Benefits of our fertilizer:

1. Increase production (quality and quantity)

2.Positive impact on environmental improvement

3.Loosening and fertilizing the soil

4.Increase shelf life and water absorption

5.Enrich macro- and micronutrients

6.Suitable for all types of soil and plants

7. Improves the physical and pH of the soil

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Size 25 kg, 40 kg
Raw Material Organic Material
Capacity (Month) 1000 Tons