Organic Coconut Sugar


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Organic Coconut Sugar Our natural organic coconut sugar is made from hand-tapped golden nectar from coconut flowers, then boiled a slow kettle to filter out its essential goodness. With its delicious caramel flavor and low glycemic index, coconut sugar is an ideal substitute for white cane sugar in coffee, tea, roasting, and cooking. No artificial additives, flavorings or preservatives of any kind are used. 


Product Specification

Moisture Content        : <2%

Particel Size                : 15 – 18 mesh

Surcose                       : >80%

Fraktosa                      : 0%

Color                           : Light Brown

Self year                      : 2 Year

Color -
Size 1 kg
Raw Material Coconut Sap
Capacity (Month) 50 Tons