Dyna Pudding (Cocopandan)


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Dyna Pudding is a ready-made products with perfect taste and soft texture. This is supported by mixture of premium milk in each variant.

A. Nothing but Mix Instant Pudding

Whenever you just like to eat  pudding, you know that it will be easy to cook. Just adding water and heating process ± 5 minutes, Dyna Pudding is ready to serve.


B. Premium Taste and Texture

      By consuming the Dyna Pudding, flavor begins to melt in your mouth. Dyna Puddings have the creamy and soft texture. This is the right choice since Dyna Puddings are not meant to be fatty energy bombs.


C. No Artificial Sweeteners

     There is no artificial sweeteners in Dyna Pudding  and we choose sugar as one of the main ingredient. While there have been some concerns about the safety of artificial sweetener, we using natural sugar as sweetener. Besides that, most artificial sweeteners have a slight after-taste.Dyna Pudding Cokelat is premium pudding with mixture of strong chocolate and premium milk.  

Dyna Pudding Cocopandan is ready to use pudding with perfect combination taste of coconut and strong aroma of pandan. This pudding also has a nice light green color.

Color White
Size 110grams
Raw Material Milk Powder, Cocopandan Flavour, Sugar
Capacity (Month) 680