Beta Caryophyllene 95% (CL-603)


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Van Aroma is one of the best producers in processing Beta-Caryophyllene 95%. Van Aroma is one of the biggest exporters in Indonesia. We produce and export Beta-Caryophyllene 95% from sustainable, and fully traceable sources.

Beta Caryophyllene / β-石竹烯(95%) / β-カリオフィレン / Bêta-caryophyllène 95% / Beta cariofileno 95% / Beta-Kariofilen 95%

CAS No: 87-44-5

Olfactive Profile: Spicy, woody, clove

EC No 201-746-1

FEMA No 2252

Product Synonyms: clove terpenes, fractionation, bcp, cannabinoid, trans caryophyllene, copaiba, cariofileno, Caryophyllene hg, tops

Clove trees are indigenous to the Maluku islands of Indonesia. Indonesia has been the dominant producer of clove buds and clove oil globally for decades.

Indonesia is also the largest consumer of clove buds as a spice, which is primarily used in the kretek cigarette industry.

It is due to this high demand for Clove Buds in the cigarette industry that farmers are using the remaining components (dry leaves, and stems/claws) of the clove tree to produce clove oil its derivatives thereafter.


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Color Colorless to pale yellow
Size -
Raw Material Clove
Capacity (Month)