Lettuce Romaine


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Romaine or cos lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. longifolia) is a variety of lettuce that grows in a tall head of sturdy dark green leaves with firm ribs down their centers. Unlike most lettuces, it is tolerant of heat. In North America, romaine is sold as whole heads or as “hearts” that have had the outer leaves removed and are often packaged together.

In addition, from the lettuce content above, it is not surprising that this vegetable is able to prevent and treat various types of diseases in the human body.

- Excellent Source of Antioxidants Vitamin A and Vitamin C

- Contains phenolics for our sleep

- Help Prevent Osteoporosis

- Improve Heart Health

- Help Fight Cancer

- Helps Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy

- Aids Digestion and Intestinal Health

- Avoid kidney stones

- Strengthens the structure of Bonesand Teeth

- Prevent sore throat


Color Green
Size -
Raw Material -
Capacity (Month) 10- 20 Ton