Batik Garutan Hand Stamp Block


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"Batik Garutan" hand stamped batik are made by hand with a copper printing block dipped in hot wax and then stamped on the fabric. When the fabric was dyed, the pattern was resisted by the wax. Color is generally dominated by other bright colors which are characteristic of Batik Garutan.

In addition to the main material for clothing, garutan batik can be made by derivative products such as : Cushion Cover, Laundry Basket, Mat, Clutch bag and wallet, Vase decoration, non medical mask and many more.

Material Cotton | Material size 2.3 m x 1.0 m | Making technique hand stamp block | Colorful with multiform pattern | A combination of modernity and cultures.

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Contact : +6285794523353 (Deni Sontani)

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Color Various Colors & Patterns
Size 2.3 m x 1.0 m
Raw Material Cotton Fabric
Capacity (Month) 120 dozen/day