Potassium Silicate


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Potassium Silicate, are manufactured as solids or thick liquids, depending on proposed use. Potassium silicate is a versatile, inorganic chemical made by combining various ratios of sand and Potassium Carbonate at high temperature. Used in detergent soap making industry (high Grade), the manufacture of welding wire, protective layer (coating) of decorative, refractory, mortar, silica gel, antifreeze in the automotive industry. It can be used as supplement agricultural soil fertility, is also used in hyroponic crops. In the manufacture of electronic applications is used as a phosphorus binder on a TV monitor, an LCD screen, and the electrode.


Packaging :

Potassium Silicate Cullet (Solid)                Potassium Silicate Liquid

1. Bulk Container 24 MT                                1. Flexi Bag 22 - 24 MT

2. @1.2 MT Jumbo Bag                                 2. Drums @ 280 - 330 Kgs

3. @50 Kgs Woven Bag                                3. IBC = 1.4 MT (22 MT / 20' Fcl)

                                                                      4. ISO Tank 22 - 35 MT (Local)

Color clear, blueish
Size -
Raw Material Silica Sand (SiO2) & Potassium Carbonate (K2O)
Capacity (Month) 300 Tons