Agarwood Gaharu Oud Merauke Papua Chips


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- Form : Chip

- Origin : Merauke, Papua, Indonesia

- Color : Dark Brow

- Stock : 5-10 (ready July 2017)

This Agarwood / Gaharu is original from Merauke, Papua.

Why Agarwood or Gaharu is expensive ? The answer is simple, because it's RARE !


Beside that, Agarwood has a lof of benefit. 

Agarwood has been used to make high quality incense since centuries.

It has been used for centuries by physicians in Tibet, India, China and the Arab world to treat a range of physical and mental conditions.


It can reach more than 10 meter. In normal condition, the plant at 25 years infected by Fusarium SP and that we call "gubal".


Now scientist in South East Asia region develop the method and one of them is inject with Fusarium SP. It's like "a shortcut" the natural process (takes around 3 year to harvest).


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Color Dark Brown
Size Vary
Raw Material Agarwood
Capacity (Month) 1-5 kg