Buaya Agarwood Stick


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PT Kapol Indonesia is an export company serving a variety of products from herbs and spices. herbs and spices are valuable commodities in the world, so many countries from Europe come to Indonesia to find spices. Seeing this opportunity, PT Kapol Indonesia tries to make a business entity that helps if any company or individual abroad needs spices, we are ready to provide that. In addition, to increase the number of exported goods, PT Kapol Indonesia started serving coconut sugar. Our Coconut Sugar is made from 100% organic ingredients and 0% natural fat, so blood sugar will be maintained and weight will be controlled. PT Kapol tries to expand the marketing of Indonesian coconut sugar products, initially only in the Asian sphere, then we expand the export market to Europe and America. PT Kapol Indonesia is a limited liability company. The company was founded on July 12, 2013 and is located in Banyusari Village, Grabag District, Magelang District 56196. Tel Number +6285741059928

Color brown - black
Size 8-9cm
Raw Material -
Capacity 10 tons