Songket Batak and other traditional woven crafts


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Besides Ulos, Songket Batak is traditional textile crafts from North Sumatra. It is handmade. There are 3 types of traditional textile woven according to how they are made: handmade (traditional loom), loom made by machine loom (fabric/manufacture), and loom made with non-machine loom (semi machine loom). We offer the handmade one by traditional non-machine loom. The design and model can be customized. It takes weeks to make a piece of Songket Batak so please order some weeks ahead. This crafts are suitable for Collectors and/or Fashion Designers. We also offer other traditional textile woven from Flores, Toraja dan Kalimantan.

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Color Various
Size 1 set: 90x90 & 190x90
Raw Material Yarn
Capacity 100 pieces