Aceh Clove Premium Quality (AB6)


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Clove Aceh is one of the clove varieties that are planted on hillsides that are not too high, ranging from 100 - 500 MDPL with very sufficient sunlight and low humidity.

This clove variety has the following characteristics:

1. Clove fruit is not too large, has a medium size of about,+-1 cm.

2. Solid fruit.

3. Trees are large and tall.

4. The branches are upright and strong.

5. It has a short stalk and a large number of fruits ranging from 10-25 pieces in 1 branch.

Product excellence:

1. These cloves are in the garden in a very suitable place.

2. Not hollow/empty on the inside.

3. Dry in the sun with good light and heat.

4. Always pay attention to drying (not to be exposed to rain)

5. Has a distinctive and concentrated aroma.

6. Can be consumed.

Color Brown
Size -
Raw Material -
Capacity (Month) 5 ton